Ironing With A Difference

Posted by Peter Brady on Mon 24th April 2006 at 06:51 PM, Filed in Extreme Holidays

If you ever get bored of ironing maybe you might consider taking to the mountains. Unbeknown to many there is a whole group of extreme adrenaline junkies taking ironing to a new level.

Extreme Ironing

There are even extreme ironing competitions and an offical web site if you would like to know more about this new craze.

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Extreme ironing - this is clearly madness. I find ironing extreme at the best of times even if only in my living room. There’s the heat of the iron and then the danger of getting the cord tangled, let alone all the problems of creased collars and cuffs! Imagine the issues balanced precariously on a ridge with oxygen deprivation. Not for me - I’ll stick to safe old base jumping!

Posted by Il Burro  on Tue 2nd May 2006 at 10:17 AM | #

Clearly, extreme ironing isn’t for everyone, but it’s gotten so popular in a national park in Croatia that they’ve even had to put up signs to warn people against ironing their pets, as you can see here:

Posted by natgeotravelina  on Wed 20th December 2006 at 08:37 PM | #


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