British Haunted Weekend Breaks

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If you are a fan of TVs Most Haunted then this will definitely be for you. Haunting Breaks are in effect an events company wanting to prove beyond reasonable doubt that “there exists more between heaven and earth, than is dreamt of in one single philosophy”.

Haunting Breaks are setting about this task by running a series of weekends away in some of Britain’s most haunted properties.

The weekends make a great break from the norm and will almost click you out of work mode when you join the table for a séance. You’ll enjoy dinner, bed and breakfast in style and stay in some of the most notoriously haunted properties in the UK.

Here are just 2 of our favourites:

Bolebroke Castle - Henry VIII’s hunting lodge set in 30 acres of private Sussex parkland, just 5 miles from Hever Castle, the birth place of Anne Boleyne.

This is an historic building NOT a hotel. The accomodation is very basic so if you are looking for a break based on a 3 or 4 star rating then we suggest you look elsewhere. Imagine stepping back in time to the Tudor period! Imagine dining in Henry VIII great hall! Imagine having exclusive access to roam this incredible historic building with just our other guests and of course the ghosts for company? Spend the night in the Henry VIII bedchamber IF YOU DARE!

Many strange experiences have been reported over the years. Unexplained tappings, cries of laughter and anguish. The ghostly apparition of a woman in nun’s clothing allegedly searching for her forbidden lover who met his death on the Elizabethan staircase. The figure of a headless woman seen walking through the Great Hall! Is this the ghost of Anne Boleyne who frequented the castle whilst courting Henry VIII? 


Friars Carse Hotel – A old haunt of Robert Burns, this castle is set in 45 acres of woodland extending to the banks of the River Nith, and still has its magnificent paneled entrance hall and elegant staircase.

Strange reports have been documented over the period of its long history including hooded monks in the grounds and the cries of children in the upper floor corridors!

Who is the lady dressed in white who haunts the lower servants quarters area?

Who is the maid who hung herself in the lower servant’s quarters?

Is the ghost seen in the dining room gazing out of the window that of Annie Laurie, daughter of Sir Robert Laurie, who died at the castle in 1764?


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