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Going off road will no longer be an eco guilt trip with the Hybrid Toyota Safari One.

A holiday trip over rough terrain can now be enjoyed from the world’s first hybrid safari vehicle offered by Natural Habitat Adventures. The vehicle was unveiled earlier this month and is described as a “A four-wheel-drive hybrid Toyota Highlander retrofitted for optimal off-the-beaten-path wildlife viewing.”

The Hybrid Safari One includes such custom features as beefier suspension, a new roof with sliding canvas top and specialized flip-up photography windows. Carbon-neutral ecotour company Natural Habitat Adventures will put its new climate-conscious transport to the test this summer on western U.S. expeditions including an exploration of Grand, Bryce and Zion Canyons.

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The Bay of Fundy is widely regarded as one of the worlds natural wonders. Situated in New Brunswick / Nova Scotia, the bay undergoes one of the biggest tidal flows of anywhere on the planet rising to around 50 feet 15 metres in places.


This huge influx of water creates a plethora of watery phenomena like back eddys, rip currents and the like.

The high tides that hit this area are caused by the Bay of Fundy’s unique shape, which funnels water up the tidal basin.

Abrasive tidal flows have resulted in some staggering coastal formations. At Hopwell Rocks great shards of red sandstone have been carved away.

This unique tidal system has also fostered it’s own unique eco system rich in sea creatures.

The Bay of Fundy is must see for tourists visiting the east coast of Canada. A natural wonder of staggering beauty.

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Minimising human impact while visiting stunning natural habitat is crucial if we want to slow the current rate of global species extinction.


So I was heartened to hear from the BBC about a campaign asking tourists not to buy dodgy souvenirs made from rare species of animal. Really this message should already be in the sub conscious of every tourist, but it appears that there are still a number of brainless wonders who indulge in buying ivory carvings, medicines made from ground tiger bone and crocodile skin shoes. Think about it people.

According to the BBC:

“UK customs confiscated 163,000 illegal wildlife trade items - many made from endangered species - in the last year.  Oriental medicine topped the list of seizures made - with 97 in a year. Some of these medicines had been prepared using parts of animals such as tigers, rhinos and sea horses. HM Customs and Excise made 44 seizures of snake and lizard products such as handbags and shoes between 2006-2007, and 39 seizures of similar crocodile and alligator products.”

This must surely be the tip of the iceberg.



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Contrary to the cliche, sharks are usually harmless. Not only that, they are wonderfully majestic creatures with a genuine mastery of rapid manoeuvrability through water. What a sight to behold.


Opportunities to see these creatures in any numbers are rare, so it was quite interesting to read about Big Animals Expeditions trips to Cocos and Malpelo Islands.

One of the quotes which tickled my fancy was:

“My view from the extreme left to the far right was completely filled with bodies of sharks, swimming, parading carelessly along the wall swinging their tail and hammer like head from left to right ever so slowly like they were deliberately parading in front of our eyes and cameras. It was one of the most electrifying moments in my 40 years of diving.”


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As a keen fisherman myself I am always enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities. However, ice fishing is not something that springs immediately to mind when considering new fishing challenges.

Nonetheless, there are reports that many people are making their way to Fernie each season on the promise of huge dumps of snow and being tempted by alternative past times to skiing - ice fishing being one of them. Many of the locals contend that for a true taste of traditional Canadian life you really need to, head out on an ice fishing trip. Um I suppose they would say that wouldn’t they!

The trip is offered by Fernie Wilderness Adventures who pick you up from your hotel, and escort you by 4x4 (or snowmobile if you’re lucky) to one of the nearby lakes. They’ll cut a hole and show you how to drop a line after which it’s a matter of patience. If you’re fortunate, you’ll be having fresh Eastern Brook trout for supper.

I can’t say that this gets me particularly excited, but I suppose you simply can’t knock these things until you try them!

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