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Ever dreamed of just giving it all up and going on the road with your… err… band…? Well maybe you can. You can now hire a 40-foot American-style RV – just like you see the racing drivers and rock stars using (I believe they refer to them as their ‘trailers’) – treating yourself to what has to be the most luxurious camping experience money can buy!

UK company Hire Winnebago, based just off the A14 near Kettering in Northants, rents out American RVs to the good and the great – from wanton travelers to A-list festival goers, British Grand Prix teams and even film and TV crews. At the top of their range is a Fleetwood Revolution LE – a three double-bed monster with leather furniture, tiled floors, state-of-the-art audio visual system and full-size shower room.



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If you are looking to book a holiday in an unspoilt location somewhere in Europe then you may like to visit the VintageHolidays blog first. We recently discovered this little gem, which shares unbiased information about major and minor European festivals, interesting and culturally rich things to see around some of ancient Europe as well as provides an interesting source of information about some rather impressive private villas you can hire.

We believe it’s one of the best European travel blogs around and has been posting for well over 2 years. A fantastic resource!


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With thousands of students heading off for the first time or returning to Uni this Autumn, First Luggage have developed a rather useful service set to take the stress out of the whole affair.

Student’s often take their worldly possessions on a train, plane or in a car which is not much fun (from experience) I have to say. The service is aptly named ‘Smarter Students’ and is a student friendly (in terms of budget), hassle-free door-to-door collection service operating within the UK as well as internationally. Prices start at just £20.


The service also ensures everything arrives in one piece! From computers to cutlery First Luggage will ensure it gets to the final destination without a hitch.

If the above news isn’t enough to convince you then First Luggage was recently recognized as one of the top 10 most promising businesses in the UK (at the coveted nationwide ‘Start Up Stars Awards’) and has already gained support from Dannii Minogue and official ambassadors in glamorous Joan Collins, socialite and journalist Normandie Keith and British travel veteran Alan Whicker, media personality Piers Morgan. Say no more!

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Before going through airport security with my wife and child I was reminded of the security measures still in place. Some of which I had forgotten about, other’s I was unaware of.

Here are some reminders:

1. If you’re carrying any form of liquid in your hand luggage, this has to go into a plastic bag for presentation at security.

2. You will be asked to sip the liquid if it’s a drink for you or your baby. To be honest, all other liquids are better off going into hold luggage.

3. I was surprised to learn that things like lipstick, creams and pastes also have to go into the plastic bags before security.

4. Some airports insist on belt buckles being removed and x-rayed.

5. Some airports select passengers for checks on shoes. I can’t imagine that this is a pleasant job…...

6. You will always be asked to take your laptop out of it’s bag before being x-rayed. This may well apply to other electrical devices.

7. Be careful not to pack objects that are sharp and that might be construed to have malicious purpose. For instance, I purposely avoid packing sharp scissors in hand luggage.

8. For the smoker - you must remember to not take a lighter on board.

9. Be sensible. If you think that an item may cause an issue - double check security guidelines for the airport your flying out from and don’t forget the airport you’re flying back from. Security measures can differ from country to country.

10. If you’re acting nervously or suspiciously - don’t be surprised to be pulled to one side for a thorough check over.  Try and act normal and keep calm for a smooth ride through security.

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Apart from the fact that Hong Kong has quite a scary flight path into the airport - it’s a city that never fails to impress.


Anybody considering a visit this summer should consider the following:


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