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For someone who has spent a bit of time in England’s Northumberland and border country, I was intrigued by the recent media storm surrounding Judith O’Reilly and her Wife in the North blog - which has achieved the fastest blog to book deal to date. So when the opportunity to pose some questions to Judith presented itself, our editorial team scratched it’s collective heads and came up with some highly original and probing questions! Ok, they might not be original or probing but we hope you enjoy the responses.


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If you have a raft of burning questions about travelling the world and surviving, then this book is a must. How to poo in the Arctic probably being one of the more important inquiries!!

The book has it’s roots in the BBC’s travels to the most inhospitable places for Serious Jungle, Serious Amazon, Serious Desert, Serious Andes and Serious Arctic. This book covers the intricacies of those who had to do the nitty gritty of the BBC’s bidding.

Pertinent questions that were thrown up were:

• Do you take a tent to the jungle?

• Do you take waterproofs to the Andes?

• Does sand really get everywhere?

The answers are all in the book.

If you’re looking to go off the beaten track then this book is aimed at you - with essential advice on where to go, who to go with and what to take to ensure that you come back in one piece.

Serious Survival retails for £7.50 ($15).

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This book has come in for much praise for it’s depiction of memorable journeys on the Orient Express, le Train Bleu, the California Zephyr, and others across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The text takes you through encounters with porters, bellboys, millionaires, kings and maharajas who were their clients.

Adventures cover 11 journeys recommended by d’Arvor (the author) who has travelled the world by train - lucky chap!!

A nice touch is the beautiful slipcase which is designed to resemble a steamer trunk.

The First Class: Legendary Train Journeys Around The World is a great read for the travel by train enthusiast. Retails for £18.95 ($38).

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Yellow River: The Spirit and Strength of China by Aldo Pavan is a right royal read for the enthusiastic traveller.

With the Beijing Olympics around the corner, this intriguing book proves to be a riveting read.

Aldo Pavan who has previously documented life on the Ganges and the Nile takes the genre on to the Yellow river - the cradle of Chinese civilisation. The river winds down a course of 3,300 miles from the Kunlun Mountains and the Bohai Sea. The photography captures the landscapes perfectly and includes a little vignette of the Dalai Lama medallion that Tibetan nomads keep under their clothing. A symbolic image of that nations subjugation.

The Yellow River: The Spirit and Strength of China retails for £24.95 ($50).

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One of my favourite travel books has to be African Gods: Contemporary Rituals and Beliefs. Why? Well it’s simply stunning in it’s portrayal of shamen, healers and Voodoism.

The photography is by Daniel Lainé whose techniques seem to extract every possible essence from the subjects in frame. The world he interprets is a little frightening in some respects but fiendishly complicated in other respects. The book shines a light on this often forgotten topic offering scary and disturbing insights.

Check it out if you want some compelling reading

Retails for £27.50 ($55).

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