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The Shady Beats Speaker case is a great little gadget accessory for the summer.

Suitable for summer and winter holidays the Shady Beats Speaker case carries your sunglasses or ipod and plays your ipod tunes via a flat panel speaker inbuilt into the case. It also has a water resistant exterior, anti scratch lining and a variety of colourful exteriors. I think it probably packs a kitchen sink too…

Features include:image


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It’s amazing how the old classic styles keep turning up after a period of absence. So it is with the classicly styled Ray Ban Wayfarer sun glasses.


A firm favourite in my younger days (15 years ago!) their again making regular appearances amongst Hollywood luminaries.

The beautiful Keira Knightley was seen pulling up in Venice by boat sporting a pair of Wayfarers. The great thing about them is the versatility to look good with casual or smart attire.

The Ray Ban 2140 Black Wayfarer sun glasses can be picked up for around £74 ($148).

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The iconic Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses sported in so many Top Gun genre films have remained a cult classic style.


Providing good overall protection to the eyes, Ray Ban Aviator’s remain a firm favourite of celebrities and actors like Brad Pitt - seen sporting a pair in New York City recently.

Described as “the classic Ray-Ban aviator. The Ray-Ban 3025 is one of the most famous sunglass models of all time and is a must have for any fan of aviator sunglasses.”

Manufactured in Italy from high quality lenses and frames they are a sturdy and reliable summer accessory.

Retail for £80 ($160).

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The trousersnake was recently seen sporting these very cool Prada sunglasses.


Retailing at Sunglasses Shop for £112 ($224) these specs really will make the chaps look the part this summer. Plus if the trousersnake wears them they must be good!

Features include:


Posted by Ruth Miller on Fri 27th July 2007 at 06:00 AM, Filed in SunglassesTravel Accessories

If you keep an eye on celebrity trends you might have spotted these elegant sunglasses perched on the recently released nose of Paris Hilton.


That aside, these Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses really are set to be one of the hottest fashion accessories of the summer.

Retailing for £104 ($208) at sunglasses shop their not going to break bank either.

Features include:


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