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Can’t be bothered to ski or snowboard?


Have hours of fun with the kids on this great little Toboggan.

Simple but fast, the Sno Rider Toboggan is a well designed, lightweight sledge with two handles for braking and steering. It also incorporates a pull cord for easy towing - which you will have to do if the kids are lazy!

Great value with a retail price of £10 ($20).

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Never heard of it? Well you heard about it here first!

The nation is warming up to what will be a stonking year for festivals we feel, but there is one that stands out way and above the others… no swamps, swampies or general riff raff here – I’m talking about Wakestock 2008 at Blenheim Palace and you can’t get a better setting than that!


Whilst we may not be the most passionate Wakeboarders out there (water skiing but on one solo board and you do tricks!), I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a weekend. Here are just a few bands to tap along to… Groove Armada, Audio Bullies, The Streets, The Hoosiers, Friendly Fires… must I go on!

Interested… (thought you might be)- it’s happening on the 27th – 29th June at Blenheim Palace, Oxford or if you prefer The Valleys you can go to Wakestock, Abersoch on the 4th –6th July.

The best thing about this festi … we think it’s a bargain for the lineup at £85 for the three nights! Come and see us there.

Buy here.

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The best knee brace in the world retails for a hefty £438 ($875) and is called the CTi knee brace. I hasten to add that this is my own personal opinion after suffering with various knee complaints over the years and should not preclude you trying out different products. Having said that it works brilliantly for me.


The CTi knee brace is ideal for a whole host of skiing and snowboard associated knee injuries - such as anterior cruciate or medial collateral ligament injury.

It’s off the shelf and made from carbon fibre and silicon components making it light and offering almost full flexibility.

It is important to bear in mind that this has to be fitted by a trained clinician (which is included in the price).

Custom made alternatives cost around £750 ($1500).

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It’s always important to put in some prep fitness work before hitting the slopes.

The Indo Board offers this by improving proprioception and increased leg strength.


It can also be used for squats, lunges and upper body work. Check out the Indo DVD for further instruction.

An Indo Board retails for £100 ($200).

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1. Obergurgl sits perched up a mountain some 1,930m above sea level. Good chance of snow.

2. Luxury is readily available in the form of 20 four star hotels.

3. Great food and spa facilities are on offer in most of these hotels.

4. Some hotels like Hotel Bergwelt - you can virtually ski to the front door. Always a bonus and beats hands down travelling by bus or a long trudge in ski boots..

5. Many hotels have undergone recent refurbishment - Hotel Josl and Lohmann to name the most notable.

6. Night skiing on a 6km floodlit run. Sounds mad and fun at the same time.

7. Well maintained ski lifts.

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