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Ever dreamed of just giving it all up and going on the road with your… err… band…? Well maybe you can. You can now hire a 40-foot American-style RV – just like you see the racing drivers and rock stars using (I believe they refer to them as their ‘trailers’) – treating yourself to what has to be the most luxurious camping experience money can buy!

UK company Hire Winnebago, based just off the A14 near Kettering in Northants, rents out American RVs to the good and the great – from wanton travelers to A-list festival goers, British Grand Prix teams and even film and TV crews. At the top of their range is a Fleetwood Revolution LE – a three double-bed monster with leather furniture, tiled floors, state-of-the-art audio visual system and full-size shower room.



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If you love a good walk or perhaps you are looking for a holiday with a little more culture combined with a feeling of achievement then you may want to think about trekking in The Atlas Mountains.

image image

Trekking is growing in popularity as people are ditching the beach for some decent exercise, great air and stunning views.

For those of you that may not know, The Atlas Mountains are situated in Morocco (North Africa), about 1 ½ hours from Marrakesh airport. Like most mountain ranges, in the winter there’s snow and in the summer there’s sun. The setting is absolutely stunning and the mountains are inhabited by the ‘Original’ Moroccans – The Berber Tribes.

image image

If you’re looking for culture then you really have to look no further. Many of the Berber tribes retain traditional ways of life and are incredibly friendly people.

(Mohammed, A Mountain Guide from

There are a couple of fantastic places to stay in the mountains, notably The Kasbah Du Toubkal along with some of the Berber houses too.


We suggest you start by taking a look at the Trekking In Morocco website and gauging what level of trek you want to do. From 1/2 day to 40 days trekking, there is certainly something for all levels of fitness.

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I recently discovered a great hand cream formula that actually did everything it said it would! Caled Lotil, this little 50ml tube should have a place in your suitcase or rucksack wherever the destination. What I really like about this stuff is that it’s such good quality for so little money - because it’s a little thicker it goes that much further.


It’s suitable for any skin, just about anywhere on your body so perfect for after shaving, hiking, or as a moisturising formula after sunbathing.

A must have item at £2.99 a tube! (available in Boots)


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Um, watch out for those frost bitten extremities would be my advice to those going au naturel on planets highest mountain!


Nepalese Authorities take a rather dimmer view on this sought of thing. Attempts to set lewd records are to be banned on Everest. Probably a wise move I guess!

It’s been reported that one feisty sherpa claimed the world’s highest display of nudity after standing naked for three minutes on the 29,035ft summit.  Many locals consider this sort of thing as an afront to the sacred Everest.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association say “There should be strict regulations to discourage such attempts by climbers.”

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Outward Bound is a name many of us will be familiar with. The New Zealand arm of this organisation have enjoyed great success in showing people their full potential through challenge and adventure in the outdoors. Quite frankly, I can think of no better place to do this sort of thing than New Zealand. Rugged, stunning landscapes criss crossed by streams, rivers and lakes make it ideal terrain for doing adventure activities outdoors.


According to the Outward Bound web site:

“This Outward Bound was established in 1962 and still operates from the original location, Anakiwa, in the Marlborough Sounds.
Anakiwa, near Picton, has been described as the most perfectly situated Outward Bound school in the world. The natural timbered buildings of the facilities merge gracefully into the curve of the bay and are backed by native bush.

In front stretches a long jetty where the school’s small fleet of cutters are at anchor.  The ‘classrooms’ of the school are the native bush, mountains, rivers and
seaways of Marlborough.

The Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand is a member of Outward Bound International which was founded by Kurt Hahn in Wales in 1941 – there are 42 member countries.”

The adventurous 8 day Discovery course is probably regarded as the most popular - designed to instil the knowledge and belief that there is always more inside you than you think there is.  Activities are designed to take you out of your comfort zone including running, swimming, sailing, rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and camping.

From £750 (US$1,600) for 8 days


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