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Ever dreamed of just giving it all up and going on the road with your… err… band…? Well maybe you can. You can now hire a 40-foot American-style RV – just like you see the racing drivers and rock stars using (I believe they refer to them as their ‘trailers’) – treating yourself to what has to be the most luxurious camping experience money can buy!

UK company Hire Winnebago, based just off the A14 near Kettering in Northants, rents out American RVs to the good and the great – from wanton travelers to A-list festival goers, British Grand Prix teams and even film and TV crews. At the top of their range is a Fleetwood Revolution LE – a three double-bed monster with leather furniture, tiled floors, state-of-the-art audio visual system and full-size shower room.



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Confusing directions and a lack of signs meant we arrived at The Big Chill feeling, well, The Big Stress. However, proximity of parking to the festival and helpful stewards meant that we began to relax as soon as we got there, and our 3 and 5 year olds didn’t complain about the walk.

The glorious Malvern Hills provides a perfect festival backdrop. The lakes in the centre of the site add to the atmosphere of tranquillity.

The family camping was the best I’ve seen at a festival, with plenty of space, toilets and access to drinking water. The number of families there meant kids had a great time running in and out of each other’s tents- oh, and there was a festival to go to as well.


Unfortunately, the children’s entertainment didn’t start until 12pm, that’s a long wait when the kids wake up at 6am. Thank goodness for the bubble shop, no wonder they had a sign up declaring “Babysitting- £50 per hour”.



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I recently discovered a great hand cream formula that actually did everything it said it would! Caled Lotil, this little 50ml tube should have a place in your suitcase or rucksack wherever the destination. What I really like about this stuff is that it’s such good quality for so little money - because it’s a little thicker it goes that much further.


It’s suitable for any skin, just about anywhere on your body so perfect for after shaving, hiking, or as a moisturising formula after sunbathing.

A must have item at £2.99 a tube! (available in Boots)


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We’ve been searching for a reasonably priced tent and come up with the superb Coleman Evolva Package Tent.


This bad boy incorporates just about everything you want from a quality tent.

It’s spacious configuration includes a central atrium and a smaller separate space which can be used as food preparation area.

One feature that is particularly handy are the mesh doors which make a perfect insect proof seal. 

The Coleman Evolva Package Tent also includes:


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We’re no doubt all looking forward to festival season, the tents, the sounds… the sun (well hopefully). Believe it or not there are 400k festivals in the UK this year so there’s plenty of choice, all you have to do is muster up the energy to do as many as possible!

Here’s our official preferred energy drink of festivals 2008!

What you are going to NEED is a little help from a healthy energy drink called Relentless. We recently tried some of this and it was like rocket fuel… in fact one of us had a can of Red Bull and the other had a can of Relentless… we were like Duracell Bunnies for at least 4 hours… then the Red Bull bunny started fading proving that if you are going to pack an energy drink then you should make it Relentless (well we think so anyway!)


We recommend the Relentless Juiced Energy, a 50% juice variant that blends passion fruit, orange, guava, mango and apricot that tastes gorgeous! Alternatively, Relentless Inferno or Relentless Origin are just as tasty.

We’re going to be at Wakestock this year.. please get in touch if you want to party with us and drink some Relentless energy drink all night!


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